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We have established the below terms and conditions so that our clients and prospective clients are fully informed of the scope of our service. Before enlisting the services of Family Archive or using material from our web site, please review the following terms and conditions which define your rights and benefits as a client of Family Archive.

Family Archive is a professional family history research service (hereafter "we", "our" or "us"). "You" or "your" means an adult client of our Services.

Limited Use LICENSE

You are licensed to use the materials we produce only for personal or professional family history research. You may use, cite, or download material only if it is relevant to that research and only if Family Archive is listed as the source of that information. The republishing of whole or significant portions of any work produced by Family Archive is prohibited without the express written consent of Family Archive.

Family Archive holds no claim to copyrights for the copies of original records and other photocopied documents taken from books, abstracts and typescripts. Therefore, you can copy these materials in accordance with the current copyright laws, if applicable. However, any genealogist’s report that is sent to you is copyrighted material. It cannot be reproduced in its entirety on web pages, electronic media, or in family newsletters without permission from Family Archive. Small portions of the genealogist's report may be quoted, if properly cited and credited to the genealogist and to Family Archive, in any text document that a client might create.


1.1 You must be 18 years or older to order our services.

1.2 The fee that you pay is for our expert time and attention. We bill hourly for our professional research services and expertise.

1.3 You are requested to provide a complete research request to Family Archive. A complete research request includes the family or individual to be studied and any previous research that has been conducted. The goal of your research must be clear. We must receive the appropriate retainer before any work begins.


2.1 Prepayment in full for hourly research by check, credit card or money order in United States funds is required. Upon completion, all hourly research costs will be deducted from the deposit. These hourly expenses include review of previous research, correspondence (e-mail, phone, postal mail), research, analysis and report writing time.

2.2 We guarantee thorough and detailed work. Our research is conducted in accordance with the highest professional standards and in full compliance with the Code of Ethics published by the Association of Professional Genealogists. Because of variables that can limit success (time allotted, common surnames, time period and place, records availability) during research there is NO guarantee that any specific or positive results will be obtained with any client request. Our skilled researchers promise to do their best work, and that's all that they can offer.


3.1 Family Archive may send electronic mail to you, for the purpose of informing you of changes or additions to Family Archive, or of any Family Archive related products and services. You may opt out of this notification service by replying to such email with Unsubscribe word in email body.


4.1 Family Archive has the right, at its sole discretion and at any time, to modify the terms of this Agreement or our Services. Changes in our Services that will affect you will be posted online at, or sent via email or postal mail to you. If any portion of this Agreement or any change of this Agreement of our Service is unacceptable to you or will cause you to no longer be in compliance with the Agreement, you may cease using our Services. Continued use of our Services now or following posted notices of changes in this Agreement means that you have accepted and are bound by the changes.


5.1 You are engaging our professional genealogists who have many years of training. They offer their expert time and attention to your research needs. Therefore, a charge is made for their time. Professional genealogists are entitled to be paid for all time rendered to you at their professional hourly rates. No ethical genealogist can predict or guarantee what new documents or information can be discovered about your family. That information won't be known until research is completed. In fact, there is no guarantee that our professionals, or any other professionals, will be able to locate any new information about your ancestors. However, regardless the outcome, our skilled professionals will provide an explanation of research undertaken and include suggestions for continued research.

5.2 Because you are purchasing a genealogist's time and expertise, and not a tangible product, your prepaid research fee is NON-refundable. If you cancel your research request, the cancellation will take effect immediately, and our researchers will write a summary of the research to that cancellation date. All their time and expenses to date will then be deducted from your prepaid retainer. Any unused retainer, after all time and expenses have been deducted, can be credited to another research case, or sent back to you.

5.3 In order to provide the highest level of customer service to our customers, we begin the research process almost immediately after receiving an order. We therefore do not allow cancellations once you submit an order. Note, however, that if you are in the process of placing an order you may cancel any time prior to submitting the order.


6.1 Because every individual is unique, it is truly impossible for a professional genealogist to guarantee that a certain sum of money will provide their client with a certain number of new ancestors or relatives. Professional genealogists simply cannot guarantee specific research results or turnaround time because of all the variables historical records will hold regarding a client's family, until the records are examined. There will be no refunds related to lack of results or dissatisfaction with any aspect of service. Family Archive and its third party suppliers strive for excellence and accuracy. We guarantee that we will use our combined best efforts and many years of experience to provide you with help researching your family history. If the family to be searched is out of our skill area, we will let you know and suggest alternatives.

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