Genealogy Services

We have many years of experience in conducting genealogical research. Our specialists are professional historians and sociologists working in Russia and the United States. Results of our work are the documents proving the authenticity of historical information about your ancestors. Our company provides a wide range of services depending on your goals and objectives. We can conduct your family tree research deep into centuries, or we can only perform a few steps that require specific skills (such as working with ancient archival documents written in the Old Slavonic language).

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Family History Research

At the beginning of our research we will provide you with detailed plan of work, cost, timing and likelihood of obtaining a certain result. Read more...

Family Diploma

Our Family Diploma is a small documentary story of your family name origin. History that explains in details where your surname originates from and its meaning. Our experts have extensive experience in the onomastic studies. Colorfully decorated of your choice, Family Diploma will be a unique gift for any occasion and any age. Read more...

Working with electronic databases

We will help you find information about your ancestors, available in electronic databases, and then we will provide copies of the original documents in a convenient for you form. Also we can publish your information in electronic genealogical databases.

Communication with potential relatives

During your genealogical research you find some potential relatives in Russia and would like to correspond with them to share the results of your research or to obtain information available to them, but you are not familiar with the traditions and customs of this country, do not speak Russian freely… We can help you. We will translate your letter or write a letter on your behalf. In addition we can give you an advice on how to conduct genealogical correspondence.
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